CollabIT Switzerland AG opens its office in parallel with Microsoft’s expansion in Switzerland
To reinforce the commitment to providing business continuity, data protection and security in the cloud, Microsoft Switzerland has launched Azure Availability Zones in the Switzerland North datacenter region during 2022.
At the same time CollabIT Switzerland – as part of CollabIT Group – has also launched its activities in Switzerland, aiming to provide high quality services to our existing and potential new customers in the DACH region meanwhile aiming to become first choice for them as a Microsoft Partner in the area of Project Management Solutions and Collaborative Solutions.


Microsoft Switzerland has announced the expansion of its local data centers with the introduction of Availability Zones. These new data centers will help to ensure the availability and resiliency of customer applications and services. Availability Zones are physically separate data centers within a region that are connected through high-speed, private networks. This allows customers to run their applications and services across multiple zones, providing protection against failures in a single zone.

The expansion will include the addition of new data centers in Switzerland, which will be located in different geographic locations to provide customers with a choice of where to run their applications. This will also help to ensure that customers have access to low-latency services and can comply with data sovereignty requirements.

The new data centers will be powered by 100% renewable energy and will be built to the highest industry standards for security and compliance. Microsoft Switzerland will also be working with local partners to provide customers with the necessary expertise and support to take advantage of the new data centers.

This expansion is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with the best possible experience and to support the growing demand for cloud services in Switzerland. The company has been expanding its data center footprint around the world and is committed to providing customers with the highest levels of availability and performance.

In addition to the new data centers, Microsoft Switzerland will also be expanding its local data center capabilities with the addition of new services and features. These will include new Azure services such as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure ExpressRoute, as well as additional capabilities for Azure Stack and Azure Stack HCI.

Overall, the expansion of Microsoft Switzerland’s data centers with the introduction of Availability Zones will provide customers with a more reliable and resilient infrastructure for their applications and services. This will help to ensure that customers can continue to run their business and meet their customers’ needs, even in the event of a failure in a single zone.

Source: Microsoft

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